This is my first year in computer science as a sophomore in highschool. I am learning a lot and am very ambitious about learning C++. i hope to eventually major in Comp Science and end up with a job programming software. I was blessed to have such a great teacher, but some times i feel this isn't such a good thing. He is very quick to point out flaws and errors in my code that me nor the computer catch (immediately of course) and show me how inefficient my code is. He offers 2 more advanced classes after the first one (being the most basic) and i would love to take them, but he sometimes makes me feel like i may not be ready for them. Soo my question is does any one have tips or ideas on how to develop and start thinking more efficiently, because i am starting to feel like i may not be capable of furthering,because the "real world" wants it this way , but i would love to keep doing this.

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Does he give you good grades? If he does, then you are probably heading in the right direction. Listen to his criticisms and learn how to do better the next time. If your school offers a course in logic, then take it. Also take all the math courses you can because they too will teach logic. And don't forget to take other courses too, such as science, English and history because they will make you a more well-rounded person and help you get in college. Computer programming is not done in a vacuum but in conjunction with a whole host of subjects.

Sounds great, thank you very much!

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