Hi I am a second year student at MMU College in Manchester trying to finish of this years last assignments which is piled up on me, tried my teachers which they just tell you that there busy and class mates think its some type of contest to see who drops out or fail. so, no were else to turn I google this website to see if some one out there bin in my shoes. Again i not asking anyone to do my work just the right push in the right direction. thanks my name is Darrel Lindsay

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The vagueness continues

> Again i not asking anyone to do my work just the right push in the right direction
Try asking an actual question in one of the actual support forums.

Y'know, a post containing the following
- a summary of the problem
- YOUR attempt at the solution
- a question about it, say for example
-- why doesn't "it" work
-- what would be the next step
-- how do I do "..."
-- where can I find out more about ...

My God how does one ask for help!!! sorry i am not as clued up as the rest you. I new to this website that's 1, 2 this is way i my self is trying best to my knowledge to solve my problem. its all right you making remarks. instead of saying look Darrel we would like to help you but you will have to be more specific in what you want us to help you with and than i can try and elaborate on what it is i need you to help me with.

10 posts of whining, just go away and pester someone else.

Go to the doctors, keep saying "I need help" and ignoring whatever they ask in response (where does it hurt, what are you feeling), and see how long it takes for them to fit you up with the nice jacket with the wrap-around sleeves.

TBH, I'm amazed that you've made it to the end of year 2.

Here's a news flash for you. This time next year you'll be at the end of year 3 (and your degree presumably), and soon to be looking for work. The economy will still be a mess, and you'll be fighting an overcrowded job market.
However, there will be plenty of job opportunities for aspiring politicians following the May 2010 elections, and your skill at avoiding the issues will really come in handy.

Until you're willing (or able) to articulate some aspect of the problem, you're just going to get in short order
- platitudes
- pith
- sarcasm <== I'm here now - good job
- silence

Read this, figure out what it is you REALLY want, then come back with a proper question (things with ? at the end), then we might be able to actually DO something.

moved -- this thread is not an Introduction, like "Howdy folks, my name is Darrel and I'm happy to be here!". Nope. This thread seems to be a bitching session.

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