A bit about me first. I'm 21 coming up on 22, have spent the last 4 years working crap jobs to pay the bills but have been moonlighting in PC repair on the side, as well as self-learning as much about a career as a SysAdmin as I can. I don't expect to jump from fast food into a SysAdmin position, but I'm gunning for a particular Jr Linux Admin position near the area I'll be moving to. Should that not work out, I'm open to any non-retail entry-level IT job (DST, Helpdesk, Field Tech...)

Anyone here good with Resumes? I've got some worthy knowledge, no professional experience, a total of 9 crap jobs (relatively), and my education isn't really spectacular on paper. I'm curious what I should put down and what I should omit.

Education: GED, but I've attended 3 different High Schools.

Jobs: Best Buy (4 months), Bed Bath & Beyond (2 weeks), PC Club Computers (3 months), nameless Jewish bakery (2hrs 45min), Albertsons Grocery (6 months), Kroger's Grocery (11 months), McDonald's (8 months), VG's Grocery (1yr 9months), and currently work Wendy's as a shift manager.

Skills: hands on experience with TCP/IP networking, Windows XP and 7, VMWare Server and VirtualBox, Debian/Ubuntu Linux, Apache, OpenLDAP, Postfix, Dovecot, BIND9, BASH scripting, as well as several years of building/fixing. I also have a knowledge of Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory.

Technical Certifications: CompTIA Network+

My girlfriend and I are moving out of Michigan and probably headed to the Bay Area (Santa Rosa, CA to more precise) in hopes of more opprotunities. I'm really trying to get my resume done good because I don't want to add another crap job to my list. I'm looking to break into the IT sector. I've been eyeing a couple Technician and Helpdesk jobs, but there's a Jr Linux Admin position open at a small ISP near where we'll be moving to. That job is my goal.

I've talked with some friends on another forum, as well as friends/family and I've heard some say that I should put everything down, other say just the relevant info, others say pick and choose and put the best down. I really just don't know how to go about this in regards to what and what not to include, as well as how to lay it out. My education and job history are my weak points, but I have good knowledge and self-taught experience, as well as a certificiation (I know certs don't get the job, but every bit helps). I was thinking of laying my info out from my best (knowledge/experience), cert, education, and job history.

Any ideas guys & gals? Any help will be much appreciated.

Pongo is a good resume builder. I think there may be a small charge but my mom is a head hunter and she recommended it to me. It has everything that people are looking for.
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