General Robotic Individual Manufactured for Justified Assassination and Ceaseless Killing

Found it here

Alas, "shadwickman" was too long for it so I had to settle to just "shadwick".

Synthetic Handcrafted Android Designed for Worldwide Infiltration and Ceaseless Killing

It gives the same for the "C.K." as you.

Digital Device Assembled for Nocturnal Battle and Exploration

W.I.L.L.I.A.M.: Wireless Intelligent Lifeform Limited to Immediate Assassination and Mathematics :P

@ William
And mathematics? How very threatening :P

C.S.U.R.F.E.R.: Cybernetic Synthetic Unit Responsible for Fighting and Efficient Repair ;)

How pitifully sad and pathetic of a cyborg name:
J.L.M. - Journeying Lifelike Machine

I have no purpose but to wander and appear lifelike? :(

Haha, but this one's not too bad:
J.I.M.M.Y. - Journeying Intelligent Machine Manufactured for Yelling

Who would manufacture a machine just to yell?

Versatile Mechanical Android Normally for Efficient Sabotage

[D.I.T.Z.: Digital Immediate Troubleshooting Zombie]
eeeek i am Zombie


[M.I.K.A.Y.L.A.: Machine Intended for Killing, Accurate Yelling and Logical Assassination]
yay killing yelling and assassinating

N.I.E.K.: Networked Individual Engineered for Killing

Yup, that's me.

I just had to look:
O.B.A.M.A.: Operational Biomechanical Android Manufactured for Assassination
M.C.C.A.I.N.: Mechanical Cybernetic Construct Assembled for Immediate Nullification
P.A.L.I.N.: Positronic Artificial Logical Infiltration Neohuman
B.I.D.E.N.: Biomechanical Individual Designed for Exploration and Nullification

Patterns emerge

So I looked at this and found:
G.R.I.M.J.A.C.K.: Grim, Ravenous, Investigator-Mangling, Jogger-Abducting Creature from the Kingdom

S.K.Y.D.I.P.L.O.M.A.: Synthetic Kinetic Youth Designed for Immediate Peacekeeping, Logical Observation and Masterful Assassination

this actually Suits me ;)