I know this post is not related to the subject.. but i didnt find anywhere else to post


i wanted to know how do big companies..like yahoo or anything else.

Can track pcs

im NOT saying going to ip-adresses.com...

but real professional tracking...

Also if i have an ISP my ip location will be their location where i am.
on top of that they do not give you a stable ip.. it changes all the time.

Another thing is the rumors that if someone tries to hack into any big company system.. they will track him under 30 seconds..

SO how do they do it ???

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They easy way to track a system is through his Mac address that is a unique address assigned to every system, if anyone try to hack into a server he can trace by his mac address though they know the user IP address and similarly from the ISP company came to know where the system is located and ISP company have a log of all the dynamic ip provided to every system....

SO... Stay away... before trying anything... It can give you a full time regret...


Hmm. Mac addreses should not go past the modem. I bet you that in order to track the location of a computer, they have to ask the isp (which who would probably only give to law enforcement after a good reason.) Everyone connected to the internet has equal right. Law enforcement and big companies don't have some super secret spy technology that can trace computers without getting the information from an isp. The media seems to make it look like that big companies and law do have some sort of power over everyone. Hope this helps.

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