I have been using this service for a small while and I cannot determine whether it's helping or hurting me. I go to search for others that report on TNX, but I don't get that much.

TNX is a website that gets advertising on your site via text links. The idea is you link on other sites, then you start a campaign to have your ad run on their sites. The end result is your page rank going up and getting more traffic to your site.

I was really skeptical about this service, but I thought I would give it a try. Since then my PageRank has dropped. I also think I'm getting more bot traffic through simply because they spider the site.

Here is the biggest concern. On the WHOIS, the company says they are in Herndon VA. However, the domain has 3 DNS entries. One in the US, one in Russia and one in Germany.

I am thinking of dropping this service altogether. It just doesn't look or feel right. Does anybody have anything on this (Good or bad)? I am really in a quandry and would like to either dump without question or feel good about keeping.


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I stopped reading at "Since then my PageRank has dropped."

get rid of that service immediately if that's the case. Its highly likely that google has flagged their links as irrelevant.


Hey, Chicagodata. I should mention that during that time I had done a lot with my website, so I don't know if the PR drop was really from TNX or from my own error. I like to believe I am pretty savvy, but I am always learning something new about web development.

Some people are saying that they see a dip in their PR when using TNX, but it will gain ground from there. I do have a couple other websites that also have the code on and they raised in PR since the code was set up.

Nonetheless, I am really thinking of dumping anyway. Maybe for for a month or two and see what it does. I suppose that would give me the true answer to that.


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