I have a few memory sticks, that I would like to get rid of. any suggestions?

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I suggest donating them to your local school. You can also try bartering them at a local pc rebuild shop - they might offer 'some' money off on a product you purchase from them.

Depends on size. Memory sticks are dirst cheap now. They give away free 256mb ones at open days, seminars etc...

Yeah, I doubt anyone even wants less than 1 gig anymore - but a rebuild shop might have a use for half a gig.

The smaller ones are handy for unetbootin if you want to get an OS on a (not an ancient) pc which for some reason doesnt have bootable cd drive (e.g netbook)

best option would be u could donate some one,

I may be able to use them. They work fine? Size?

I am in Los Angeles.


Hi , suggest a members in good standing computer related only trade/barter section
that lists un-needed devices and components and lists wanted components - all in a uniform decription form factor for concise searching - negociate trade in almost real time

what i was alluding to is greater support to list multible items in a manner easily searchable, rather than forum based which is not efficient
members might have 100's of useful items worth only a few cents each but not worth lodging a whole post to advertize for each

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