I just copy the patern from Daniel LOL. I'm very bad at self introduction.

Name: Secret
Nickname: Alisa, Ricchan, Legend, Long John (Uh! I hate this one), Miyu (Most people called me by this name)
Height: err... 1.8m, pretty high for an Asian right? -__-"
Weight: Secret
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Location: Terengganu, Malaysia
Age: 22
Hobbies: Sleeping, Net Surfing, Watching JDrama, Watching Anime, Listening to techno, japan and any good musics (LOL) and the most thing is, I really do like programming.

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Fav Music: Morning Musume =O Karen Girl's (OMG I just can't stop myself listening to their songs) AKB48 (Otaku?) Hirano Aya, Orange Range, Eminem, Yamashita Tomohisa, and and and... grrr I still have lot to say!

Education: Computer Science, Higher National Diploma in Software Engineering, Currently doing Bachelor for Software Eng.

Work: Err... Do I have to say this?

Favorite Movies: Nothing amuse me too much.

Favorite TV Shows: Hello Morning!, Haromoni@, Yorosen, Scrubs, Heroes

Favorite Video Games: TOO MUCH! Except shooting games =D

Stuff you Dislike: People who dislike others/things, that things will keep coming for them. So I rarely hate/dislike something/person. Forgive and Forget.

My Special Abilities =O : I'm a fast learner ^_~

Welcome, Miyu to DaniWeb.
Though didn't say so, can we assume from your Avatar that you are a female?
Hope you have a beneficial relationship with DaniWeb.