I was in the middle of resizing a partition with Partition magic pro 8.0 when the process had an error. Can't remember what error it was but anyway..

Basically i had 4gb of unallocated space and wanted to add it on to another drive.

The process wasn't completed but in partition magic it says that the 4gb has been added onto that drive. So it shows that i have a total hdd space of 220gb, 200gb in use, but only 16gb free space.

Therefore, i have lost 4gb of space.

Can anybody recommend any programs which can correct this?


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What exactly are you trying to do?

Are you trying to make the 4 gb another partion on same drive or move it to another drive?

I am kind of confused on your question?

But am trying to help if you could please ellaborate more on your intentions.


Ok so I had 4gb of unallocated space. I was trying to resize a partition from 216gb to 220gb. The resizing process didn't complete and gave me an error.

In partition magic the 4gb of unallocated space is gone and the partition shows a total size of 220gb.

However, it isn't actually 220gb worth, because it says that i've used 200gb and have 16gb free space. In other words i've lost the 4gb of unallocated space.

So basically i'm trying to get that 4gb of unallocated space to show up again so i can try add it on again.



Okay,just delete the partion and format when you format choose whether you want fat or ntfs.if you are gonna add and OS to it like XP after you format it just put your disc in and it will also format and partition it.


Have you tried running chkdsk or any other disk integrity checkers? It's possible that one of these may notice something's up and hopefully even repair the situation.

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