Hi, I want to develop an application that will link into SAP. This application should read a mag stripe from a card swipe machine and then update records on SAP.
Can anyone tell me of this is possible? Or will I be attempting the impossible?

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Can anyone tell me of this is possible?


What's a SAP? What programming skills do you have? What do you know about communication protocols?

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Application program. It is used to track supplier management, salaries and other human resource issues.

I can program in C++, but have very limited skills. If this is possible, our IT department will most likely do the programming. I am only doing a proposal on the idea and need to know if it will be possible.

Yes it is. But my experience with these companies is that they do not like it when 3rd party-software and hardware is connected into their systems. You would need to know how and where the data is stored (what kind of DB) and if you have easy write privileges to it.
If not: Good luck convincing the people at SAP that you want access.
If yes: Keep in mind that any problems occurring in your ERP-program that are only vaguely connected to your mag-strip-read-device, will automaticly become your problem, not SAP's.

As for the mag-strip-reader: I recommend a plug and play solution. Something that comes with an API. Writing you own driver (or even worse: developing additional hardware) will cost a lot of time/money.

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