Just back from a briefing with the registration company behind the new .tel domain. Interesting stuff in that it's not really about websites as people who've gone in on the first wave of registrations, for commercial companies with trademarked names, will know.

Given the spate of fake celebrities - in the UK at least - on Twitter (sadly nobody is pretending to be me, I'm here if you want to follow) I asked a bit about people passing themselves off as someone else by registering the domain first. The answer was of course obvious - they're a registration company rather than a firm of lawyers so yes, they acknowledge the possibility but no, they're not the people to do something about it.

My guess is that there will be a spate of fakes in the very near future. More on the new domain when the news is out of embargo next week.

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What reason is there for .tel domains? Is there some desire for different people to have .tel domains with the same names as some .com domain?

Who is making money off of this decision?

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