I have honestly "stolen" this link from an other board ;) and before you watch this I would like to say that I do run both windows and linux, but I think this one is really funny :D

Must have played it too much, dead link now. Sigh.

Is this the same thing?

Looks like the same thing. Something has to keep MS thinking that there is actually competition out there!

Hey nice and cool link ..... I really like it .....I like Microsoft than Linux [ hoops ... ]and i don't want to degrade my current windows hehehehe ....
Do you imagine what will happen if Bill Gates saw this link ?? if no then watch it .... and laugh ....here take it ...hehehehehe

What do you mean if Bill Gates watches this link. He made the flash presentation himself. :)

Oho thanks , thanks for the information , and sorry for mistakes ......

Do you imagine what will happen if Bill Gates saw this link ?

Gates like OSS more than Ballmer does... I mean, hotmail ran on FreeBSD until last year (when they tried to make it run Server 2008 to show how awesome and faster the new IIS would be, but discovered that well... it wasnt.)

Slight correction Jbennet - MSN and Messenger was migrated to the x64 Server 2003 back in '05. Not sure if Server 2008 was rolled out on those servers since then, but FreeBSD hasn't been a part of the picture on that front for some time as far as I can tell

ZDNet article from back in '05

Hmm, i must be wrong. Im sure i read that somewhere. Also, i dont think it was server 2003 either, through googling i found a MS whitepaper mentioning Windows 2000

They currently are running 2008 for sure though. Like i said, MS put 2008 on them before the release date as a marketing ploy and they flopped...

I am a former hp-ux admin.......your right pretty funny stuff!

That was as funny as the 'Harley conversion kit' for a Kawasaki:
drill 2 holes in oil pan and loosen all the bolts.


nice vedio here, thanks, dude!

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