Hi friends ... I am a bigggg fan of "Arnold Schwarzenegger" but yesterday my friend mail me some pictures that was shocking ......The new Arnold Schwarzenegger is little different :sad::sad:
Here ...Look at the image ...

Now i am searching the web to find out the famous Hollywood actors with their old , new and rare pictures .....
Come on bring more.....[ bring different and rare pictures of famous people ....like this Arnold Schwarzenegger :sad: ....]

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Hey do you remember Steven Seagal ..Now he looks like this ....

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I got this in my collection ....:$:D:D

Do you know who is this lady ???????

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Looks like one of those women on Fox News.

Hehehehehehehehehehe ; hey man that's really him

" Arnold Schwarzenegger " ...Is it nice ????


They are my all time favourite.I'm a great fan of them.They are my real hero.Really old is gold.

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