At 8:58 AM PST this morning, we rolled over the 50,000,000 downloads line. Thanks to the hundreds of you who have regaled us with your heartwarming and often hilarious tales of spreading Firefox. We're featuring some of the best in the right column, and those members are taking home one of 50 limited edition coins celebrating this milestone, along with other goodies. Even the coins themselves were designed by one of our most talented volunteers, graphics designer Jamey Bojé and are minted courtesy of CoinsForAnything.

Along with coin #1 in the series, we are also awarding a very special prize—the biggest we've ever given out—to the lucky SpreadFirefox affiliate who delivered the golden click that went with the 50 millionth download. We have identified this person and will withhold her information until she accepts the prize. Check back early next week!

In the mean time, we've got 38 more coins to give away, as well as some signed gear. Keep those great spreading stories coming to

Congrats to Firefox. I´m using it on two of my computers, thanks to Daniweb!

About 5 or 6 of those were mine... I kept reformatting my HD. :)

Several were mine. Tested it at work but the JS and CSS compliance meant our application doesn't work.
Now temporarilly using it at home because IE is corrupted by a failed installation of a .NET update while I'm waiting for my XP disk to be delivered (which should be next week).

Problem is that now I can't even load my own homepage (which is valid according to the W3 HTML and CSS validators)...