After some recent problems with Firefox I'm now looking at other browsers, and it seems that Avant is getting a lot more downlods at than Firefox. The total downloads as of 06/19/05 are:

Avant 98,394
Firefox 66,894
Opera 17,141

Until I googled browsers I hadn't heard of Avant, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, check out the link below. Does anyone have any thing to say about Avant, good or bad?

Bad. Avant appears to be a decent browser, but it's really a 'shell' built on top of the Internet Explorer browsing engine. Kinda defeats the point of changing from IE in the first place ;)

For a personal prefrance

IE is going to win for me every time, its not crappy, it doesn't have UI quirks, and its intergrated into windows.

Firefox takes 2-3 seconds to launch on my pc, and it has those ui quirks, and its going to have its own hole slue of issues, sooner rather than later I think.

Thanks Catweazle...looks like I'm staying with Firefox.

Hey Zachery...I guess that I'm as biassed against IE as you're for it. Firefox is a little slower to get started, but is faster than IE once it is going, and has the security benefit of being a standalone browser. Thanks anyway.

Horses for courses. Firefox won't render every web page correctly and there are some sites which simply refuse to work without IE.

But for those there's always 'IEView plugin' :D

Yo Catweazle...I tried googling that a couple of different ways and didn't find anything that specific, if you have a specific link handy, may I please have it? Thanks

Surprised you didn't find it. ieview download gets it really quickly.

It's a plugin that adds an "Open in Internet Explorer" entry to the right click context menu.

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