Great site guys and Gals

Can see some serious complaining from wife as I really get into findiong some of the answers to life and computers that I have been seeking.

A suggestioin if I may, how about including a section for techie confessionals, where we can ownm up to some of our siller mistakes both for the entertainment of our fellow techies and to get them off our chest speak. There also may be some educational value

I have one that happened to me this weekend, I spent best part of a full night trying to get the sound to work on my computer after I had just installed a tuner card. When installed sound wouldnt work on the sound card, removed software, problem still existed, when installed software, problem was patchy, when recording off tv sometimes sound would work and sometimes didnt. Removed and realoaded all my drivers, checked connections and did everything I could and of course getting sleepier and sleepier and more and more frustrated.

Towards end of night found by accident a second wire in amongst all the other jumble of wires, traced one end to the second speaker headphone socket on the bass box for the speakers and the other end to my speaker hesadset under the desk. Removed it and problem gone. I could say in my defense that I rarely use the head phhones and also say that I never use this socket if I ever do. I could also argue that I was extremely tired but ultimately I still felt a proper twit.

Regrds Kermie

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That was a good one man! I have no confession at this time father. But none the less that was a good one.

To err is hiuman, to forgive divine but to really *** things up needs a computer


I think he means that the computer takes the cake when it comes to mucking things up. I could be wrong...


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