We have a similar forum. I was attrated here by posts from cscgal on vbadmins. This forum seems a little more advanced then ours and may appeal to my regular members who are more experienced. We cater to the noobs and old folks. We're located in a area with alot of retired folks.

Nice site.


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My name is Cliff and I live in California. Presently I operate two home based businesses and one online.

I hope to learn what it is you are doing to be successful marketing your product.



Thanks for the vote of confidence to be part of your forum.

I do have a burning question for the group however; just exactly what does a small green box under my caption Reputation mean? LOL



Thanks again for your vote of confidence. I'd like to ask this forum what you think about the following marketing tools; Overture, Adwords, Adsense.

Or if the forum has another they are recomending.


Thank you for pointing out to me on the mistake with my post. I see such forums are very quick to admonish and direct others with no care for diplomacy. I think such admonishments should be sent to private mail Vs. making one look stupid to the entire forum. You agree?

I want to make that a few sentences in my new marketing book I plan to write and ONLY a FEW!

Forgive me for no longer responding to you or this forum. I have very little time and even less patience with rude comments. I search out forums that really could use the input or are credible.
Good luck in your endeavors and good bye.


Sorry, don´t see any admonishment in my post and didn´t intend any. I was just trying to help you by directing you to the right forum so you might get some more appropriate responses to your question.

You shouldn´t read more into a post that is there, my sensitive friend...

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