Hello Again, it may seem I'm asking a lot of questions, and I'm sorry if it bothers anyone. I'm just trying to get my computer fixed up since I have time before summer ends. Anyway....

First Problem:

I use Internet Explorer 6 (with some sort of Service Pack), Dial-up Internet, Norton Internet Security(with firewall on), and I'm not sure if any other built-in Windows' firewall is on as well. But, I repeatedly get "Page Cannot be displayed" errors when browsing the web. Sometimes more than often, but websites like google don't work, so when I try another site to see if it's just google, that site doesn't work either. I've talked with some other people about this, and they suggested turning off Norton's Firewall. I did that, it worked once, but I tried other sites and it didn't work again. So I think that one time it was just luck, or it just happened to work that time. Any suggestions to what might be causing this? I've read something about DNS cache or something, but I know nothing about it, and how to disable/stop/prevent it.

Second Problem:

I use a Zip Drive(Iomega), i'm not sure what file system it is, but it says something like "Drive type: Zip 100 PPort". It holds 100 megabyte disks, and I use it quite often. But for some reason it runs REALLY slow and laggy, even if I just try to browse the files on a disk that's in it and not even opening them. Is there a cause to this? If so, what can I do to fix it?

1.) What windows version are you using? If XP, you might try looking to see if the firewall it has is off...also in Norton, make sure it is set to allow tcp out to port 80...Also set IE to check for newer versiopns of stored pages each visit to a site...works best, IMO...try clearing you brwser cache ever so often too...I clear mine daily, if not more often...

2.) How is it connected to the machine? Internal? External via parallel? Via usb?

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