Yep. I just turned 13. And im too lazy to write so I'll just answer this stuff:

Name: Sean
Height: 5'5''
Weight: this is all like, stalker material here.
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Location: Washington, USA
Age: 13
Hobbies: Music, animation (drawing it), programming, BMX, paintball, airsoft, and guns.
something I hate:
reason: confusing
example: hfjdaklfea*hfdauhauifdhsa //this makes sure that no fire bunnies enter the mainframe and destroy zorak

So, yeah. That's me.

Hey, Sean. Good to have you here. So what languages do you like? What are you interests as far as programming? Desktop or web oriented?

I like desktop more than web. But I will do web whenever I feel creative. My languages that I know are Actionscript, C# (I hate it), and a little bit of C++.

Hello, Im also a kid programmer FYI

C# Yay!
C++ Hate it
Objective C
PHP server side
alittle of VBasic (its fun! hehehe)

and im 13.

Hey Sean. Welcome here. I guess you're already 14, right? ^_^. It's so awesome to see someone as young as you are having an idea on programming languages. Way to go.

I am not a kid,,but in programming side I am a kid.