Hey guys,
I'm Sam and I'm a junior at Hamilton College. I am a C.S. major and love it. I mostly focus in C/C++, python, and since I am taking a course that is going through a lot of languages, can answer a lot of questions regarding SML and Smalltalk. Recently started learning some C# and will be doing a lot of work with Microsoft .Net this summer at my internship.

I'm originally from outside of Boston, about 15 minutes out in Belmont. Since I'm still in college I am definitely still learning... a lot. So I plan to be on DaniWeb quite a bit. I will probably be able to answer a lot of questions, but I expect I will be asking quite a few questions as well. I hope to talk to you guys a lot.

Best regards,


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I am Stephen from the UK, i am currently trying to learn C# outside of work for career development purposes, i have everyting to learn and will undoubtidly have thousands of question's.

If by some miracle i am able to answer any one elses queries, i will endeveour to do so :)

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