Hi ladies and gents
I am a Communications/TV/Video Technician and whilst I haven't been involved in professional computer setups and maintenance, I've fiddled at home and enjoyed it in between the frustrating experiences! (I'm sure nobody else suffers from this).

I happened by your forum as I searched for sites containing info on QBasic 4.5 and how to run it on XP. Many years ago (W9x era) I did a little QBasic but didn't revisit it until recently. Am really just looking for good tutorials at this stage, preferably freebies.

There are so many aspects of computers and Internet they are interesting but can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with. That's where I hope to pick up some knowledge from your forum. I will ty to obey the rules, but if I get a bit off track I will happily accept you setting me straight. I'm not out to cause a stir or start a revolution. These things usually backfire, anyway. John Lennon sang "happiness is a warm gun!" and look where it got him!

Look forward to communicating with you all.

I'm running a 1.73 GHz Intel Laptop with 1GB RAM and XP Pro SP3

Welcome :)

And where finito's basic is "pretty much extinct" mine hasn't been let out of it's box since... um... ((does some brief but complex mathematics)) a long time ago. :twisted:

OK! Hello to finito and Lusiphur. Thanks finito, that is a very helpful site, I plan to spend a few hours on it swatting up. Programming has been like so many other things for me -what's that song- "...if I only had time..." Now I know why some have embraced reincarnation! Not me though, I'd probably come back as something extinct!

May I ask why you wish to start with Basic?

Why don't you try something like Visual Basic instead or C#?

The are much more useful, especially with projects like Mono which are pushing for platform independence for the C#.

The future of software may be mobile devices like Android, Meego, and IPhoneOS, which are all based on Unix.

C# does not run natively on such devices but there are community SDK's for these devices. With time they will be perfected.

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Welcome to the forum, nice to have you here.

Hi IB142CY, nice to meet you :D