I'm currently in school for webdesign. I've covered css and xhtml but am a newbie when it comes to flash and am having huge problems.

I was given a swf file to edit a flash website. I converted the swf to a fla but am unable to edit any of the text in the file. Everything comes up in Flash but i am unable to edit anything.

Please help!

Really all the text within the source are not editable, because all are extracted as a graphic, so its not possible to edit.

Do you give the original swf of that file?

Actually this is the swf you published from this fla, and I will use my converter to extract it.

Hi Rebecca,

I had converted your swf to fla using decompiler and I came to know that some menu items are not editable, but paragraph, bulleted point and so on are editable. There is no way to make the menu items to an editable one. Only it is possible to edit in photoshop if you have the same font. No Possible to edit menus but you can edit text which is displayed as paragraph. Please have a look at screenshots.

Thanks for your help! Do you know the reason behind why it's not editable? I thought all graphics in Flash should be

Why on earth would your school give you a .swf file to edit, so you have to go through a decompiler to get the .fla file?

Hi rebeccaj,

You should understand one thing, They developed the flash interface purposely to utilize that part as a graphics. May be they have original photoshop file for that flash, so they can edit anytime with their photoshop source, while decompiling its not possible to get it. GOT IT!