I'm looking to buy an old game to bring back some trusty nostalgia for fun times as i lost my copy a long time ago. Leisure suit larry 7 :icon_razz: But its only available nowadays in Format: NTSC (US, Canada). Could anyone tell me if this would work on a PC in the UK please?

If it works on a PC in US and Canada, why wouldn't it work on a PC in UK?

i don't know, i am ignorant, im guessing this reply means it does?! ive asked 3 different sellers of the game on ebay this question and they have all replied that they are not sure, besides, PS an xbox games that work in the US dont work on the systems in UK.. i thought it may be a similar thing!

A PC has it's own monitor instead of using a television. That's the difference. So yes, your game will work.

Oh, so he was talking about televisions, not PCs. Isn't an xbox sold in Europe the same as the xbox sold here in USA (I know the power supply would be different) ? So why would the games be any different (other than the languages)? I never played an xbox game, so I have no idea. I just assumed that if I bought an xbox game here in US I could take it to England and play it on one of their xbox machines.

Last I checked the only things affected by regional differences in technology these days were DvDs because players in different regions can be hard-coded to not play certain format types. This generally comes into play in certain nations that won't be mentioned here where they don't want certain types of video content (or more specifically content from certain countries) to be viewable by their populace.

Another interpretation of the cause and use of region coding is explained here.

As for software there really hasn't been any region specific encoding involved in software other than perhaps in the interface language(s) supported for the software so a software that works in Canada should work in England should work in Japan.