Hi guys!

Does any body tried to repair dell latitude c600?I've got a dell latitude for repair with windows xp, everything works fine except the build in keyboard..Some keys are not functioning properly like the windows icon, c, x, v almost everything on the left side..

Ive done lot of updates including the bios but no luck..

Any help pls...thank you.!

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Those keyboards are known for failing if not kept spotlessly clean. I expect it will need to be replaced.


You have two choices either you replace it yourself or have an expert do it for you. having an expert to fix it for you cost a lot and replacing the keyboard is easy, I will suggesting just buy the keyboard suitable your laptop and replace yourself, this way it won't cost a lot.


thank you for all the advised...I'll will buy the keyboard and replace it myself..its kinda easy..if this is the only way..

Thank you..Ill post back later after the installation.


Thank you..I've been trying to clean some malfunction buttons but no luck. Ive replaced it and everything works fine..a lot in ebay.!!
Thanks guys!


Glad your hear you problem is solved. Any more problems need to solve? I will be willing to help. Have a nice day.

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