I own a samsung ml-1640 laser printer and after refilling the toner cartrige the printer needed a counter reset because it had reached the 2100 pages limit.I tried to reset the printer either by shortcircuit some mainboard pins or by software(solutions that worked before :P)but nothing.As i tried to flash firmware again and again I downloaded and run a firmware version of ml-2240 by mistake as I was very tired!!! now the printer is recognized as a 2240 by my pc and it doesn't function at all (both LED lights constantly red....) can I somehow fix it or should I look for a new plate or even printer...????

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Can't you just uninstall that firmware and try installing which is needed again? or I don't understand something? :)


well yes you are correct!!!!I realized it by chance yesterday as i was trying possible solutions, just before your answer.The thing is that I didnt know that something like this was possible....Anyway thanks.


Well I blew mine....

I have A ML-1915 and "accidentally" installed the ML-1640 firmware, my problem is that I cant find my firmware anywhere, can anybody helpme?

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