Hello everyone!

I want a program for creating games and I want to learn both the graphics and the coding aspects of it. This isn't a big deal, it'll only be for home use and entertainment, so I definitely don't want to spend money on it. I use Linux-Ubuntu. I love it and I don't like programs that only run for Windows. The only program I've looked at is Blender. I did take a class on Visual Basic but I didn't like it.... It's too limited. Blender was okay and I'm considering it but I'm not sure it's what I want. Anyway, someone who knows what they're talking about is greatly appreciated!

Hey mate, At the moment i'm playing around with XNA and it seems to be pretty cool. As for running only on windows in my case i dont care that much, since what i really want is learn the concepts about game programming and put them into practice. If you really hate windows that much i suggest you get into C++ and start getting your hands dirty with simple code and work ur way up. And download a decent SDK like the unreal engine. Not sure if u can use it on ubuntu, never used linux systems.

Best of luck and enjoy :)

The program you are using right now is the best program, i am also using the same and quite satisfy with that. :D