I see we are not suppose to ask support questions here. So where do I post a question about a how to do a program when I don't know where it belongs? LOL :!:

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Well, I still can't tell you because I am unaware of what program you want to do and what it relates to.

What program do to want to use?

Are you trying to create a program? If so in what language


Looking on how to create a shopping cart program. BTW, cool avatar :mrgreen:


I would think that in the absence of a decision about which programming language to use you could probably be best choosing between the:

Web Technologies and Trends

Software Design, Schema and Implementation

sections as appropriate. Those sections most likely have more specialised aims in mind, but they are the only non language specific ones where you could post your initial queries so I guess they'd have to do. After you've discussed your concept and made a decision about what language to use for it, you could then continue your discussion in the more specific forum section for that language.

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