Hello everyone,

My name is Roni M. Oliva
I am from the island of Guam. I spent 12 years in the U.S. Army as a research and development tech where I saw the wonders of bring together several weapons system with my friends at White Sands Missile Range in the mid 60'.

I became in Electronics Engineering and began taking courses at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM.

I left the military in 1974, but I was never to far from what I enjoyed doing and that was working and repairing electronic equipment. Computers were new and that it was not until the time that Radio Shack released its TRS80 that I got into computing.

Shortly after that I purchased an IBM (white box) PC and began exploring. Didn't take long for me to dump MS DOS and began looking for a more robust OS. Unix from what I was reading would be my choice of OS, but the cost was prohibitive. And then came along LINUX. It took me over a week downloading kernel, and other apps to make my little system operable.

Many headaches but I stuck it out.

Now I have a system that is very close to what I had envisioned years ago. Powerful and yet easy to work with.

At 68 years of age I have not given up the usefulness of this wonderful tool and now in the process of honing my programming skills to see how I might contribute to this most worth of causes.

My hobbies are golfing, reading, writing, and keeping up with the development of Linux for the world.

Most everything that I have running on my Linux box is open source. I very seldom resort to any games, or MS Windows application. I have all that I want and need to be productive on a daily basis.

My wife is also using Linux and I am so happy about this as I never showed her what she needed to do to get productive.

Oh yeah my degress are in Electronic Engineering Technology, Business Management, and Marketing.

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Welcome to DaniWeb, Roni.

Nice to see someone who had more patience than me with regards to sticking it out with linux :twisted:

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