I am facing a wiered problem when I connect to the internet ... After connecting to the internet I planned to open an email account ... but the problem was that whenever I write something in the password field nothing but *'s are written ... but all other fields are ok. I tried to set the password as ****** but the account doesnt open .. now what should I do ?? I called the hardware vendor but he said that the keyboard was absolutely alright..

Another doubt I have in mind is that there's a recycle bin on my desktop ... but I dont have a motor cycle .. I own a scooter so I'm looking for a re-scooter bin in my system ... please help me find that.

Another bug that I've found in windows is that I lost my JAVA book ... I had put it in my cupboard ... I decided to use windows search tool for fast searching ... but windows didnt find it ...

Please solve my problems I'll be truely grateful to you ...


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Heya Sani.

I've moved this to the Lounge for you, as that seems the best place to get help!

You really need to run some 'Gremlin Scrub' over your PC monitor screen to get rid of those pesky '*'s' which are breeding and infesting the thing. If you can't find a shop that sells 'Gremlin Scrub, make up some yourself at home. Use 1 part grated pure soap, 1 part water and 1 part used battery acid and add a handful of metal filings just to give it a bit of body. Give the keyboard a scrub over as well, in case the pesky critters have spread there as well!

The best way to add that scooter to the desktop is by using a suitable 'kiddy sticker'. Browse the shop shelves at the supermarket to keep costs down, and make sure you open the cellophane packs and ensure the pack you get contains a scooter sticker. When you've found one you like, stick it straight on top of that silly cycle thing!

The JAVA problem is the easiest of all to fix. Drink tea instead!

Hope that all helps!



I'm sorry to hear you lost your java book. That is a disaster and surely you feel an emptyness inside! I've got about 10 java ebooks and if it's legal to give them away you can PM me.

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