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I am deciding whether to get my MBA or to get my Masters in Information Systems. I currently am finishing my Bachelors in Information Systems in Programming. I am not sure I see myself coding 10 hours a day for the rest of my life. I want to go in a different direction.. Maybe not necessarily management, just not purely coding all day. What would be the best route to go MBA or stay in the IT world and have an MIS. Some say that it doesn't really matter as long as you show you have the Masters higher education, and that the MBA does not hold as much weight as it used to. Need help! Any and all opinions PLEASE!

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Hi Rowley4,

The truth is that you have to do what makes you happy. If your goal is to stay in IT but not code, an MBA probably won't help you all that much, whereas an MIS degree probably could help.

The key is not about how educated you are so much as how hungry you are to be successful and to learn new things getting there. I've had many employees and seen many people in the IT industry who did not have advanced degrees and who excelled far beyond many that did have advanced degrees. I've even had employees and friend that had no college degrees at all and still found ways to be successful. It's really about you and your personality type.

That being said, to my knowledge an advanced degree has never hurt anyone. It always shows that you went that extra mile to learn.

Another option is to get a job with a company that will help pay for your advanced education. You can spend a year or two learning about what you do or don't like, which might make your decision easier.

I hope this helps.

My Best,



I appreciate your thoughts! I just feel that since I am lacking in experience (Career change) I need to have the education/higher education for someone to give me a chance. I have been trying with no results in positions and feel that I have to have an advanced degree. I really appreciate your input. It has been very helpful! I just need someone to give me an opportunity. :) Thank you again!

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