Hi all

We currently have a reseller package sitting on one of the "old" cPanels without WHM. We are considering moving our 10 or so sites that we host over onto the "new" cPanel.

Has anyone got any experience of doing this - was it easy? Are there hidden pitfalls?

Any comments greatfully received!


PS - not sure if this is the right forum to post this on...

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It depends on how complex the site is. I have transferred a number of accounts before, the website included of files, MySQL databases, email accounts and one of them had a cron job or two.

It was just a matter of doing a whole directory backup, whole MySQL backup and an email backup and restoring them in the new location. This is of course once the appropriate accounts were created.

It's even easier if the host offers free transfers or even transfers at quite a low cost, have you considered this?

Thanks for the response. I don't think the host does a "do it for you" service. They give you a free month on the old account which is the time to copy over the sites. Most of the sites are joomla based, and all are just files, mysql and a ftp settings/email settings.

So doesn't sound too bad then.

Thanks again

Oh good, Joomla. Then it's just a matter of setting up the new account, backing up the MySQL database, file directory and then uploading it to the new destination. Don't forget any cron jobs.

Then you can do FTP/email accounts.

ok - thanks for your help

No worries.

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