What was your fisrt complete project?

Just to know what people made.

Made my first comic when I was about 4 or 5... Pencil Man Adventures.. A 1 drawing a comic series :) Eventually I got wayyyyy better and started making things like 30 page manga... A series called Lee Kin..

Hi everyone,

A simple console C program that acted as an address book.
That was in 1984. Recently i ported it to Turbo C borland and still use it until today
21 years after i wrote it.

Richard West

Depends on what you call a project...
Dug out a cavern under some fallen trees in lue of a treehous around 1976, that would probably classify :)

Professionally, hard to tell. I've spent so much time in consultancy and maintenance programming there are hardly any projects I completed on my own (or completed, period, even as part of a team).
It's always hop in to take over from someone else and then leave at some point when your input is more urgently needed elsewhere.

Being now employed to build new software I'm at last seeing customers taking delivery of applications I wrote (or helped write) for them and paying real money for the privilege (previously I was usually employed on internal projects in large companies).
It's a very nice feeling.

My first was some thing that would draw things like beziers or something. That was in VB.NET and a long time ago. I haven't really created anything that good except for maybe a nice mortgage calculator.

Can't be that long ago if it was VB.NET. The first version of that product was released in 2001 :)

Can't be that long ago if it was VB.NET. The first version of that product was released in 2001 :)

It seemed like it to me. I think I was around 12 or 13 at that time....Long time ago!

Interesting topic.

I assume you're referring to programming projects, at least that's the context I choose for my reply. Discounting school projects, my first "on my own" programming project was in a language now called "PL/B". At the time it was called "Databus". I rewrote a code module that would allow users to page through a data file one record at a time. It would accept various input controls, such as arrow keys, and also allow users to key in characters, and it would jump to the relevant record. When the user selected a record, it would return the ISAM key for that record back to the calling program. Not bad for a pre-windows, pre-GUI, 2GL DOS based program. It was called "SRSCAN", for "SubRoutine, file scan". I ended up writing many, many "SR" programs, and even developed a code-generator that would produce standardized PL/B programs.

It's still in use, too, along with hundreds of thousands of lines of code I eventually wrote for that company.

ah, the good old days. Done a lot of Cobol in the past, parts of it probably still in use today (though a good chunk were data conversions which would be used only once).

This was Loong ago, Spring '80. My first quarter in Basic programming. The semester final was to write a running Clock, have it display AM/PM, rather than simply Military. near half the Class weren't able to get it right. I Had to put an Alarm into Mine that went off half through Class the next day. Set the Screen to Scrolling.

my first project was a DBMS project , frontend VB and backend access.. it was a simple fire insurance project.