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Thanks but what do you mean

gets me all tingly inside.


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I am also working on both but i personally feel that blogger is the best option. Its easy to control. I always prefer to go for blogger rather then going for wordpress.


Thanks. I'm trying out Blogger for now and I'd like to know what you think LINK SNIPPED. Thanks everybody.

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@everyone here!
I really like wordpress because it is much friendlier to use and it too friendly, and i never liked blogger through i used it before using wordpress


Every time I google for a thing, the blogs that I found are 99% on Blogger. But it might be because blogger belong to Google. But Wordpress CMS is much more professional.


Blogger is simple but Wordpress is functional. I have several blogs in blogger but I love my friend’s wordpress blog for the appearance to functionality. He gets excellent traffic than mine despite me having quality content.


I personally prefer wordpress.

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I don't think you can really compare them properly. Blogger is for the masses, no real technical knowledge required. Wordpress is reasonably easy to set up, but gets a bit trickier with admin tasks.

Blogger is easy because it's hosted for free, so all your uploaded images go to Picasa. Your videos are held somewhere as well, so you don't have to worry about them. I've got a couple of Blogger blogs and have set up a few WP 'sites'. I prefer Blogger.


Guys this post is damn old. Please stop reviving dead thread unless you are ardav.;)

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Pah! I reap what I sow! Correct jingda, old post, deserves to die a dignified death.


Since this thread discussion have grown out of hand. I want to add that evrey blogging platform has its own good and bad and it is up to you to decide which is good. So the final decision is still yours.

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