I have a small doubt, i.e., How to identify the blog has no-follow attributes.

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Either view the page source code for nofollow or download an seo toolbar that has "show nofollow" links built into it

download a seo search status from seo book. a site that was shade of red show that sites are no follow site.

You can check follow & no follow by using SEO tool bar otherwise right click on web page and then check page source code of that particular web site.

Thanks for all the help. It was very helpful.

Thanks again

If you're not familiar with the donofollow addon on firefox, you can easily go to every post where the comment is present, press CTRL U , or view source, and then press CTRL F for find, and type in the word 'no-follow'. If it's there, there yoir comment id definitely in a no follow page.

Go to the selection source of that link and see in that whether no-follow is written or not...

just google for all dofollow blog so you won't have to check the source code of the blogs your commenting.

Many toolbar available in google just search with related keyword

Simply go into the source code of the website.

I think seoquake add-on for Firefox would help you for this purpose. It has a feature called 'line-through nofollow and noindex'. :)

Wish this help,

I have a small doubt, i.e., How to identify the blog has no-follow attributes.

You can install addons on Mozilla about identifying DoFollow and NoFollow. Here's the link:


Just a simple extension to highlight links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status.

There is a addon in mozilla firefox which helps to know whether the blog is do follow or no follow. Just put no follow addon in google and you will get it.

SEO 4 Firefox can help so download

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