Hello everyone.

I am going go to university and I have to choose a subject to do but I am not sure which course I should do. Its either computer science or software engineering.

I have done some research but am still not sure what to do. I have also had a few tests to figure out what to do but they haven’t really worked.

I was hoping that some people here who do computer science or software engineering could give me some advice and tell me a bit more about these subjects.

I really want to know if it they are good fields to go into.

Let me know.


The best way is talk to a counselor and talk about your interest. Software engineering is a specialty area from computer science (Masters). When you start at a University you start with computer science and engineering and from there pick your specialty as the following (and not limited to) are extensions from Com Sci field:

- Computer Engineering BS
- Electrical Engineering BS
- Software Engineering MS
- Radar Technology MS
- Game Development BS
- Electronic and Communication BS/MS
- IT and Networking AS/BS
- IT Manager MS/MBA

You can't be a good software engineer without mastering the "science" behind computer systems, just my 2 cents.