As many of you know, I live in New York. And I am thinking about putting together a get together party for DaniWeb members this upcoming summer (about ten months from now).

It would be great if you guys could let me know whether you would be up for something like this, so that I can guestimate what, exactly, is feasable.

If you would be able to contribute five bucks towards booking a party hall, food, a DJ, or anything else, please check it off in the poll. Hopefully this will be able to give me a very rough estimate of the magnitude of people who might go (ie 100 or 1,000 or 10,000) and approximately how much money could be raised.

I know there has been some prior talk about a get together and where it will be held. I chose NY for quite a few reasons. Firstly, it's a large tourist city with lots to see and do, and makes for a great vacation place. Secondly, it's halfway between the west coast of the US and Europe. Thirdly, it's my home. Fourthly, somewhere local to me is the only feasable place if I am to put it together! :)

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I'm 100% down. How many members do you guesstimate would show up? Where should we hold this - a restaurant?


Where it will be held is completely dependant upon the results from this poll. Based on whether the number of people who say they can probably go is 100 or 1,000 or 10,000, I'll decide what type of place to hold the party at - and the next step is then to settle on a date.

Unfortunately I know that a lot of people would have liked to know a date this much in advance, but unfortunately that isn't possible because I can't know a date until I book a place and I can't choose a place until I know what order of magnitude of people will attend!


that sound's really good, however i am rather poor lol

maybe, but i will need to find some cheap flights


You can also just come to my place and have a private party with me!

<woops, did I say that outloud?>


Current Plans Include -

  • A catered party hall with a DJ in or around NYC
  • Contacting various technology companies (Alienware, etc) and asking if they would be interested in sponsoring various events including
    • LAN Party
    • Hardware and software raffles
    • Sending IT Reps and Recruiters

With 50,000 DaniWeb members, I can definitely see some huge companies jumping at the opportunity to sponsor an event that would allow their reps access to a huge community of IT enthusiasts!

However, before I can contact these companies, I need to know what the general community interest is like. Are we talking about 100 people or 10,000? :)

Please, please vote! Voting isn't a commitment to go but rather just that it's something you're interested in - so that I could put together a rough figure of the type of place that we would need to book and something I could tell to sponsors.


Dani web party :mrgreen:
Sounds like a good reason to come out to the Eastcoast.


Last year, I attended a party at a beautiful place called Sugar Lounge (www.sugarnyc.com) in Tribeca - near Soho. The party was sponsored by Magnet Media, Adobe, Peachpit, Avid, and some others. I think this would be a great type of venue for a Daniweb party. They specialize in corporate parties + they allow use of the overhead projector and multimedia system. Also, you need not buy food or drinks from them - they allow outside food and beverages.

Fortunately, NYC is not too expensive to fly to from most places, since it is a competive market (3 major airports). Our city is home to many discount airlines - including USA3000, Spirit Air, JetBlue, and a bunch of others (for more, visit the websites for JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airport).

Let's make this happen!


Oh woe. Why can't I live somewhere closer to NYC? Ah well, all the best for the party, and have my share of the food too.


Hey Dani,

I'm in if the exact date permits. :)

BTW- you might want to post a copy of this in the Geek's Lounge; it would get a heck of a lot more exposure there.


A get together would reinforce the standing as a community. It is a great idea, I hope I'm able to come out!


Would love to but it's just too expensive. I've already got an invitation to DC for September and 2 trips to the US in a year are more than I can afford (in both time and especially money).

Living in Europe a flight to the US and back costs something like $800-$1200 depending on destination and dates...


Only seven 'yes' votes so far? I don't think the word is getting out well enough. Maybe it would help to put in the 'Featured Threads."

I would think most of the moderators should try to attend. As far as I know, I should be able to make it :D.


I wonder how many of those 50.000 members are really members and how many just post a question and then are never heard from again.
On most boards I visit I'd say at most 10% of the membership base are really active. That would mean at most 5000 active members here (active meaning visiting more than once a week on average over a prolonged period).
Given the worldwide and rather young (my guess from the style and language use of many posts) audience here I think many won't have the funds to make it (and would likely not get parental permission to travel to NYC on their own even if they could get the funds).
Those people may also be less than inclined to admit that, and therefore not vote.

Overall I don't think you should expect more than a few hundred people at most, Dani, and that's an optimistic estimate.

As I already said I would come myself if I could but that's unlikely in the extreme (though maybe if I could combine it with my planned (but unconfirmed) trip to DC in September I might be able to make it).


This poll is really just to get a feel for the magnitude of people that think they can make it ... so I know whether it will be like 10 or 100 or 1000. After that, the next step is to decide where and set a date. I think once a date is set, a poll would be more realistic.


Thats a great idea. I really wish i could be a part of it.. but coming all the way from Asia, is something which i can't even dream of. But i must say, its a great idea.


I live in the UK and I really doubt I could afford to go. Damn shouldn't have spent so much on PCs.


Shoot I'll be there if I haven't decided to leave for the AirForce (undesided at the moment). I might have to move out because I have a rather wary mom, but hey planning on doing that anyway.

So heck yeah. Name a time and place, I'll be there. Not to much of a partier but I can always take over the DJ booth, put a smile on some peoples faces, and play some nice classical music. LoL, na I'd play whatever yall wanted to hear.

BTW: I live in south Georgia. So anybody that might want to carpool. send me an email the rules of my vehical are simple no alcohol and no smoking. Yes, that does mean I'll be driving it's only a 25 drive to NYC. well... I could make it in 20 but I like the scenery in the VA's.

I like the sounds of possible Jobs too. Very nice thinking Dani.

And since this is my first visit back since you updated the board. IT RAWKS! Great Job. :)


See the thing is if I go to the AF I'll be leaving as ParaRescue: Special Forces Combat Paramedic. or EOD: Explosive Ordinance Disposal.
I'm all for them both. But I've been having a couple of physical problems here lately. I'm waiting to see how my back heals. I pulled it again in a triatholon.


With a potential for 2500+ attendees, why not consider this for a configuration?

1- Continue with the survey to see how many will consider attending.
2- Consider an agenda with:
A - A vendor display area
B - Some breakout sessions provided by the vendor's tech and IT staff. These would be educational seminars and/or demonstations. Getting back to basics of programming, building computers, troubleshooting & repairing common problems, web site hosting, and etc. will get a lot of attention. Breakout sessions could be run parallel to one another with each track specializing in one forum's interest. That way everyone gets a change to take full advantage of what is offered.
C - If there are any vendors who may become sponsors, and who have facilities of interest in NY, perhaps tours could be set up. Tours of assembly, manufacturing, programming, repair facilities, and etc. Something of interest for each different forum group.
D - Arranging with a few hotels/motels to block off a group of rooms at a discounted rate for attendees.
E - Guest speakers of interest.
F - Coming up with suggested things to do in and around NY for those coming from out of town.
G - If the response warrants it, making the get together for more than just one day.

This type of venue follows other expo's, conventions, etc. I have attended in the past with numbers over 1000+. But... to do this, I'd suggest that a committee be formed, made up of local NY area members who may have time to contribute and have access to the things mentioned (hotels, vendors, travel agencies, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc.)

I know, I know. You're thinking that this thing is getting out of hand (or could). But, with a solid venue and not just a one day "eat and gab" get together, I think you'll attract a lot more attendees. (Just my thoughts). And you were talking earlier on another post, about attracting the "lurkers" to get involved. With some educational opportunities, those "lurkers" may well attend to take advantage of them.

Another consideration, make it technical and educational, and some attendees can write it off as a business expense.


That is definitely what the eventual goal is, however, the purpose of this thread was to get some initial interest ... and it doesn't seem pretty good I'm afraid :(


You know, I only saw this thread today. I don't usually visit the Geeks Lounge. Rather, I look at "todays posts" and "unanswered posts" on a regular basis. Did you put this in your newsletters?

(On a personal note: I have been gone from this site for over 10 months due to some health and family issues and wasn't here back in September when you posted this.)


Now see I like his Ideas...

Like I said if I can be of any help setting it up. I'm only 22 hours aways... lets see thats 3 1/2 tanks of gas.. (better get the hide-away lisence plate :P )

seriously. Let me know what I can do to help. :)


I agree with Rueful Rogue, I think you would get a better response if more people knew about it. What about a PM or email to all the members?

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