My name... I'd rather not say. Intrade is fine. I would prefer to be referred as this name than my others anyways.

I'm a very shy individual.

I have a great need to become not just a good programmer, but a good Computer Scientist.

I apologize for my past deeds here on Daniweb. I gave out code by accident once and was marked down for it for good reason. Not to mention the code quality probably was not very good compared to the professionals whom I want to learn from.

I'm going through a severe depression, yet again. I've made the mistake of wasting away my life from depression and I won't do that again. Instead, I'm going to use the energy accumulated from the focus of depression towards learning Computer Science.

I'm definitely not the best programmer nor Computer Scientist, but there is one thing I've learned well so far... there's a difference between learning something and teaching it. When you learn something, you typically use what you've learned now and then and sometimes quite often... but when you [correctly] teach something you relearn the details and become much more involved with the subject. I found that by explaining specific details to people on Daniweb I relearned the subject at hand myself and also gained more knowledge from professionals. When I see professionals explain something in fine detail, I know that they know what they're talking about and that their knowledge of the subject is extreme. I want to be capable of achieving that.

If I've angered anyone with my previous posts, I'm terribly sorry. I never intend to provoke anyone because I myself do not like being provoked in any way.

You will see me in the C++, Java, [and soon] PHP sections. I want to learn how to make things like installers (like the installer packages you download from websites... information is compressed in a setup.exe file, work is done and your computer recognizes the new program (which may or may not require a restart)), emulators (not to rip-off companies, but to better understand the process of handling devices via a specialized application... generating sound, displaying the pixel information sent from a model, handling input of the user and translating it into something the model can understand, etc), servers, websites and other network programming features (web site with its own instant messenger, allowing certain IP's to connect to the website, etc) and parsing/compression technology (data retrieval from web sties (either the file itself or data streams), parsing user input and translating it into commands/data, compressing repetitive data (or non-repetitive) into smaller more practical sizes, regex, etc).

Hopefully some of you can help me out.

Thanks for reading this long-winded post.


Hey, you have never received a warning or infraction in your time here so your previous actions couldn't have been that bad, so stop beating yourself up about it.

Hope you find what you are looking for in giving DaniWeb another go. Good luck.

Hi ,Welcome to daniweb. Good luck

Welcome back. As Davey said, don't beat yourself up over the past, its gone. Re-enjoy your stay with us.:)


hey Intrade, welcome back! I hope you stick around...