i wanted to know about any company in india that teaches touch screen related programming in java. As i am really interested in touch screen programming. Please let me know any company related to that.

There is no common way to program touch screens because every manufacturer writes the screens differently. A program written for one type of hardware may or may not work on another. You have to contact the touch screen manufacturer to find out how to program for it.

In many cases the touch screen manufacturer may have written a device driver for the operating system on which it is used. If that case you need to find out how to use that device driver.

I wrote a touch screen program some 15 years ago in C languge that just communicated with it by sending commands to stdout. The touch screen driver captured everything going to stdout and if it was a TC command it would use it otherwise it would just send it on to wherever stdout would normally go. In order to write that program I had to read a programmer's manual that the manufacturer wrote.

I would hope touch screen technology has advances a little bit since then and interface is a little more elegant.