hello guys! Please advise a good (reputable) online journal about computer security. Thanks in advance.

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Infosecurity and SearchSecurity get my recommendation, but then again (disclosure time) I do write for both of them.

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What an appalling procedure for registering on the site SearchSecurity.com!
All items are absolutely required - it's terrible...

Sorry, but you didn't specify non-commercial or free of registration requirements. Most of the reputable security specific sites online are one or the other. There is plenty of good security coverage within the more general IT publications online, of course, usually available under a 'security' tab. Most of these are registration free, so just pick the magazine which you like the style of and trust the writers from and then go search for security stuff there.

The coverage within broader appeal publications does not have to be so general that it becomes useless, although this is sometimes the case. However, and I'm blowing my own trumpet again here so apologies for that, I have won the UK 'IT Information Security Journalist of the Year' award three out of the four years it has been held, including the current year. On all three occasions this has been for a portfolio of work for PC Pro magazine here in the UK, where I write a monthly column on matters security. You can find these at the PC Pro website, and I don't believe they ask for user registration unless you want to leave comments.

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I'm glad that you won this competition)) about the registration - not as a reproach to you, but simply to use information. )) Give me please a link to your article at the PC Pro!
I just need to translate unadapted English texts on the subject "English"))

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