Hi i was wondering if you can help with regards to my fina yr project.
Im studying Multimedia Computing and i have 1 or 2 ideas in my head but theryre really not at an advanced level and i needs someones input.

Seeing as im studying Multimedia i was thinkig something along the lines of creating am Multimedia cd-rom for a class of secondary school childred who are studying IT.

I did an indistrial placement last yr where i was networking technician and teaching assistant and i did create something similar to what ive stated above using Director. Basically one of the topics the children were studying was taking a system apart and putting it back together again in which i recorded video clips of assembling a pc together and then putting it back together again but i only got half way through.

What do you think?? :p

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Hi Killabee786, welcome to our site. :)

We don't deal with technical questions in this particular forum; it's just a place for new members to introduce themselves. However, if you post your question in our Geek's Lounge forum, you should get some input from other members.

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