is HR a good career option for a person who is doing a B.E. in computer science??

Computer science is not really walking hand in hand with human resources, so I would say no. Rather go for studies in human resources if thats your forte.:)

Actually i am doing my b.e. in cse,4th sem.I have no idea about the various job profiles offered to a cs student,the only job that i know is software testing.Could you please tell me the various jobs offered to a cs student,so that i can decide as to what kind of job i would like to take up after my engineering.

Found the reply in my junkmail, hence so a late reply.

Have a look at this link with all the job variations in the CSE field.

It was a pleasure. Just mark this as solved, found at the bottom of this page, thanks. Good luck in your studies.:)

oh ya sure..thanks:)