Name: rashad
Height: 5.10
Weight: 190
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Age: 26
Hobbies: Music (no rap), Computer, Video game (PS3), Movies, restaurant, workout... and a lot more

Relationship Status: Single since Jan 2011 :(

Fav Music: Gospel (Chris Tomlin songs), Opera (Luciano Pavoratti songs), Soul, french musics (Sinik (rap but more philosophical ), Corneille, Amel Bent, Dalila, Garou, Celine Dion ), Nathalie Merchant songs......

Fav TV: Manswers , ESPN, NCIS, 1000 ways to die, Forensic Files, My Wife and Kids...

Work:No work. Student...Engineering..Almost done.

Fav Food: Chinese, Japanese, Mexican. No American food. No French food.

Fav Movies: Jason Statham movies, The quick and The Dead, Avatar, Expendables (J.S), Pretty woman, the ring, Harry potter.......

Favorite Video Games: Devil May Cry 4, Tekken V DR, Ninja Gaiden Sigam 2( I usually make over 150 hits!), Prince of Persia, Dead Or Alive 4 and a lot more.. ...

Dislike: Dishonest people. Liars.. Laziness, and bad breath.