Hi guys, just wondering, would someone give me some advise of what what kind of software should I develop...maybe just a simple software...or a small software...whatever you call that...a software that would not take a lot of time in the development process...maybe...more or less than 3 weeks...what do you think?..

because this is our project in software engineering...so I'm just tryin' to get some ideas from you guys....

thank you..in advance...:)

It obviously all depends on your knowledge and skills, which language and database source you will be using etc.

What constitutes 3 weeks for some of us, might mean 3 months to others, again all depends on the capabilities of the developer.

I have noticed that a library or school system is very popular as a small, yet quick project. Maybe look into something along those lines.

Good luck.

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This question has been asked before in many a forum and if you use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) to search for vb6 ideas, or vb6 project ideas, you should find a few results with lots of answers. In fact, if you search this forum you will see/find a couple of threads where this question has been ask and answered before...

Good Luck

commented: Thank you very much!! +1

@AndreRet: well..., you're right...it all depends on the capabilities of the developer...Hmmmm....how about a student grading system? Maybe that would do...because for the past, i have already developed a library system, but not that big though....just want to try out some new stuffs except for the projects that i have done....anyway thank you for your quick response...:D

@vb5prgrmr: I haven't try searching this forum..I will search for it now!! :D....but as per the search engines...as I search about finding some good software projects...all the sites lists that appear are just a bunch of advertisements relating to software, and in that way, I find it too tedious so I have tried to post a thread here asking for some opinions/advises...Thank you for your quick response too!...

I highly appreciate it guys!! Thank you!

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