I've been using DaniWeb off and on for a few years now, but this is the most active I've been with it. I realized today, that out of my numerous postings and replies, I've not yet introduced myself.

I go by Fortinbra everywhere I can online. Even my PSN(playstation network for those who may not be gamers) ID is Fortinbra. I'm a not so proud graduate of ITT Technical institute with an AAS in Website design and development, AAS in Software Applications Programming, and a BS in Software Engineering Technology. I started out in web, just to realize the the web is what I wanted, but I sucked at Photoshop.

I'm currently working on becoming a MCPD in ASP.NET 4, and I work as a web developer / tier 3 help desk. Web software is what I'm passionate about, I believe that eventually client based apps will disappear and we'll be back in the 80's with terminals running browsers.

I'm here so that I can ask questions to those who know more or are more experienced than I. But I know I have valuable experience myself that I can contribute to people just starting out. Especially since I'm closer to having started than what the "Masters" are.

In my circle of friends, I'm known as the hypocrite, my custom built desktop uses an Apple keyboard, and my Macbook I used for school used Bootcamp and ran Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm a fan of OSX, and the stability of the platform, but most of my development tools are Windows exclusives. I'm also joking called the ASP.NET Guru, because I believe that if a desktop app can do it in .NET, then so can an ASP page, it's just a matter of how much work are you gonna put in.

A belated welcome :)

Nice intro...

Welcome to Daniweb and the "mad" crowd.:)