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Sweet man. I'm from Douglas.

Sad thing is I just looked and saw that you are into mustangs.

I want a '96 / '98 .... convertible-Manual Trans-V6-
I see no sense in having a sports car that aint a convertible..

But yeah I was just down there last saturday. Skated at VSU and at lowndes high... val high sucks (for skating anyway)


Ahh come on, get a V8! :D

I'd love to. But so far the only 96 and 98 models I can find are V6's, and I'm NOT by any means mechanically minded.

well... unless...
when I took the ASVAB I scored higher in mechanics than any other part of the test. 92. hmm.. weird. 93 overall even weirder.

Know any place or person wanting to get rid of one cheap. Paint condition doesn't matter. neither does interior. I can take care of all that. :P

Just so the motor under the hood and the "top motor" in the back works :P

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