Just wondering -
What's your favorite flash game?

1. Free Rider 2
2. Winterbells
3. Thing Thing Arena 2

Stick Cricket,
Stick Football
Stick Tennis


I have heard about

1. Free Rider 2
2. Winterbells
3. Thing Thing Arena 2

But up to now i have not played. I will try to play .

1. Free Rider 2

Try canvas rider (canvasrider.com), it is almost the same. I am actually making a program right now, to draw ramps and other stuff for the tracks.

My list:
1.canvasrider (actually it is not flash, but HTML :D)
2.boxheads 2

Yeah boxheads is fun. I like thing thing better though.

Boxheads is fun only when playing with other people. Never played thing thing

Global Resistance from Insomniac Games (Creators of Ratchet & Clank and the Reisistance: Fall Of Man series)

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blast billiards :( and I'm crap at it.

Any of the "ray" games.

An (very violent) role playing game in the style of south park...

I always love to play my flash games online from flash-game.net. For me its the best resource to play online.

Not really a flash game but definitely will drive you insane... A must try game...

- Syobon Action

I have to admit the most addictive game i've played which was developed with flash has to be N_v14