I am a current Software Development student at ITT Tech. I graduate in November '11 and while I am proficient in many language Java is my bread and butter.

I am here to learn and share knowledge so I look very forward to meeting as many IT profesionals that I can.

I hope to hear from you all soon.

Justin Nix
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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I see that this is not where I should have posted this but since I already have can someone please explain to me how to move this post or how to delete it. Thanks!


Thank you all. You will not hear from me to much in the begining as I would like to see how you all handle all disscusions here.

I'm fairly new to the programing world as I have been actually coding for about 1 1/2 yrs and it has been in a school setting vs. a professional one.

I am however looking for a mentor of sorts. One that can help me to reach my full potential as a developer and being part of a community that is dedicated to such things I feel pretty confident that I am in the right place.

Again it was nice to meet you and HappyGeek, thank you for moving my thread to the appropriate colum.


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