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I expect you will find quite few of members on GitHub (including me). I even proposed to have repo for daniweb which unfortunately didn't get much of support, seemed more of trouble for some.


Cool! I'll add you :p. My account is this btw.

The repo for daniweb is quite a good idea actually - people could post code there, more experienced ones could leave some comments about possible bugs. I don't get why that would be trouble for anyone, if someone doesn't like it they don't have to use it...

Cheers, xfbs


Try to make your mind from comments here. You can say I'm spent on the subject

I see... it's a pity.

In response to this:

We cannot play forever in our secure sandbox and year after year answer same computer science questions. We need to open this community more to professional world. Personally I'm more-likely to grub a project from some repository and play around with it then fiddle with copy&paste.
Hey, it was just a suggestion, that's what feedback section is about, it didn't work out so there you go...

Do you know a place where the more to professional world hangs out? I've been lurking around on SO, daniweb etc. but I'm still looking for that utopia where all the experienced Qt programmers are that have loads of free time and want to collaborate on a group project :D.

Cheers, xfbs

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