IM new to Ruby and RoR. I have very less prior experience with web techs. I know how web works and worked with pre coded php code (edited em)... and ran websites with template scripts and wordpress cms. But never built em on my own.

Now I wanna learn a web framework. and RoR seems to be the most popular one. everyone's talking about it.

So I dont know much php, java script or Ajax.

Im learning Ruby language now. SO to setup successful web apps with RoR do I need any of above technologies??

Simply speaking... what are all the things I would need to know to setup and run web apps with RoR framework.

Thanks a lot!!

Obviously you don't need to know PHP, obviously. To be any good you need to know Javasrcipt. "AJAX" isn't really a technology, it's just a way of saying you use a certain function in browsers' Javascript API.

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