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Hello again,
I found this site, SNIP
As i see companys are paying about 25.000£ - 35.000£ for web developers.

I live in greece, this numbers here are just a Dream of an programmer.

What about life cost in GBP?
Lets say cost life in GBP is 1500£ per month and you take 2700£ per month (30.000£ year)
2700-1500 = 1200£, waw, you can have a good life and still have moneys...
1200£ are about 1400euros, BTW in greece an web-developer start with 900-1000euros(Junior) and for experiend ppl is about 1400-1600.

But when an developer here take 1300example and he give 800-900 to pay for home-food (life cost), i dont find the point to stay here... :-s

Well because in internet you can find whatever, can someone who have an idea answer me about...
how much an junior web developer takes?
how much an experiend develper(10+year) takes?

damn soz for my bad english.

Of course it depends on where in the UK, but in major cities the cost of living is some of the highest in Europe.
In Amsterdam (similar to London if not cheaper), you can expect your rent alone to be 1000-1500 Euro for a small apartment. Cost of living (just food and drink) 100-150 Euro per person per week (for decent food, but certainly not high end).
Mandatory health insurance several hundred Euro a month.
Taxes, other insurance, etc.
At an income of 30k pounds a year, or about 3000 Euro a month, before taxes, you can expect to have about 2-300 a month to spend on clothes, hobbies, training, transportation, and luxuries. Not a lot, if you consider a pair of decent jeans can cost you a hundred, a drink at the pub 5 Euro per glass.

That said, it's not a bad income, on the low side of normal in fact.

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